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Benefits & Pay


Professional Nursing Service will work to customize pay rates and benefits to suit your particular needs. Our experience working with travel professionals for over 30 years has helped us create a comprehensive pay and benefit package that includes:

Excellent Pay Rate
Our Travelers receive top pay rates. Pay rates may vary from assignment to assignment. Together we will find the package that will best suit your particular needs.

Choice Locations
We will give you the opportunity to choose your location. Are you seeking adventure or looking for solitude? We offer big cities, small towns, exotic beaches in the US Virgin Islands and everything in between. The choice can be YOURS.

Free Housing
Housing arrangements are provided by either PNS or the hospital, depending upon the assignment. You have the option of accepting our furnished one-bedroom or studio apartments or opting for our generous housing subsidy which allows you to customize your living arrangements.

Quick Start / Completion Bonuses
PNS may offer a quick-start and/or completion bonus on select assignments. Also, many of our contracted facilities offer substantial bonuses for specialty assignments. Your recruiter will present you with the specifics on the available assignments and bonuses.

Referral Bonus
Referrals earn $$$. You will receive a bonus of $500.00 for each professional you refer to PNS. The bonus will be paid when the referral completes 4 weeks of a 13 week assignment. Just fill out our Referral Form.

Direct Deposit
End worries of waiting to receive paychecks in the mail. PNS offers the speed, the security, and the convenience of direct deposit. Direct deposit allows us to deposit your check into your account. For your records, we will send you a copy of your payroll stub.

Free Continuing Education
PNS will provide for the continuing educational needs of our travelers.

Experience & Personal Service
PNS promises to be fair, honest and to present you with accurate information regarding each assignment. PNS has 30 years of experience in the placement of healthcare professionals. We promise to provide you the attention other companies cannot.

Assignments in the U.S. Virgin Islands!
Bonuses on Select Assignments
Bonuses on Select Assignments
$$ Bonus Jobs $$

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