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References from Our Healthcare Professionals

Bill Pletch, RN

My association with Professional Nursing Service began in 1990; in 2008 my relationship with PNS is still strong. My first assignment began in Plata, Maryland and lasted six months. PNS has located positions for me in the areas and with the schedules that suit my lifestyle.

In working with the recruiters at Professional Nursing Service I have been able to make plans as far in advance as a year, on at least three different assignments. Along the way, I have been able to have fun, enjoy new experiences (that's me in the picture) and make a good living as well.

I would highly recommend - Professional Nursing Service - give them a call today and find out what they can do for you!

- William Pletch, RN-

I've been a traveling nurse for 8 years. I have discovered that while Professional Nursing Service may not be the biggest company around, it is the best! I feel I'm part of the team and not just someone to recruit. I think of myself as part of "the family."

- Kippy Rawson, RN -

Hello, my name is Katherine and I have enjoyed these last two years with Professional Nursing Service. My recruiter's attitude is always so positive and she has offered many new places for me to travel to. Thanks, to PNS and my recruiter, for their support.

- Katherine Chose, LPN -

I have enjoyed working with Professional Nursing Service for the past 2 years. I really appreciate the personalized service and the private housing which accommodates my special needs. My recruiter is always accessible, personable and extremely supportive.

- Jan Lynd, RN -

I wanted to thank you for all your diligence in finding me contracts this last year. It has been a complete joy working with you. It's so awesome to know there is still great follow up and customer service out there - and that has been you and your agency.

I will continue to refer all Travelers I know to you. You are a really neat person and always a delight to visit with. If I ever enter back into the travel world it would only be with PNS.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work. You've put the experience of travel nursing far above what I've ever seen with other organizations! Thanks!

- Coleen LaFleiche, RN -

To all the Staff at PNS:

Thank you for always keeping your word.

- Becky Polanski, RN -

Professional Nursing Service;

I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Denver is as cold and as beautiful as expected. The apartment and furnishings were a pleasant surprise, as were the folks running the place. Karen has fallen in love with Colorado - especially after discovering "Whole Food Market." For me, there are Starbucks on every corner, it seems. The reception I received at the hospital was cordial and professional - a top notch facility with good people at the core. "I am Swedish!!!" :-)

- Ron Redding, RN -

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Bonuses on Select Assignments
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