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Why Use PNS?

Hospitals, Why Use Our Travel Staffing Services? The primary reasons to use Professional Nursing Service as your recruiting service include: expertise, access to national search, confidentiality, credentialing, saves time, saves money.

Our expertise is in healthcare recruiting. We will conduct a search for you and spend the necessary time to thoroughly evaluate all candidates. We will then present you with the most qualified applicants we find and narrow your interview list to experienced and qualified individuals.

Access to National Search
Professional Nursing Service will conduct a search nationally for candidates who meet or exceed your requirements. Through our network of contacts and specialized search we are able to gain access to qualified individuals in the healthcare profession and we are experts at conveying the desirability of the open position.

The Professional Nursing Service pool of professionals is screened against JCAHO standards to provide your facility with only the most qualified individuals for your particular needs. All professionals submitted for placement from PNS will have a minimum of one year's experience in their respective specialty. PNS can also perform any required criteria specific to your needs.

Saves Time
Finding, screening and interviewing applicants is a time consuming process. Typically, time is wasted wading through the applicants only to discover that they are unsuitable for the position. High-level openings are often difficult to fill because few people are qualified for the position. PNS will sift through our pool of nurses and healthcare professionals to find those individuals that are qualified to fill the needs of your facility.

Saves Money
The current healthcare shortage has caused a shift in duties for most administrative personnel. Hospital staff are often forced to spend their time and effort attempting to recruit when their skills would better serve their facility in other capacities. Often times the most highly skilled members of a facility's team must procrastinate duties specifically related to quality care in order to seek out applicants due to staffing needs. Either that, or they can run the risk of burn out by attempting to repeatedly cover those staffing needs themselves. Pulling high paid administrative staff to cover shifts, paying out excessive overtime, advertisement costs and the overall time it takes to find, screen, interview and hire applicants can become extremely expensive. Our contractual rates can actually save healthcare facilities money while insuring the placement of qualified staff and allowing your administrative personnel to effectively run their departments.

As hospitals' and healthcare facilities' use of temporary staffing increases in response to the current and future effects of the labor shortage, traveling professionals provide a unique component of the healthcare work force. Distinct from other sources of temporary staffing such as "per diem" or "float pool," travel professionals are placed in a facility a fixed term of eight to twenty-six weeks. This allows them to become acclimated to the unit and patients they provide service to and minimizes the problems that often accompany the use of "per diem" staff.

Traveler contracts are negotiated according to area. No payment is required unless the position is filled.

Professional Nursing Service also assists with permanent placement. We provide the same level of excellence in permanent staff recruitment that we provide with travel nurse placement. Our standard fee for permanent placement referrals is approximately 20% to 30% of the position's first year compensation.

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Bonuses on Select Assignments
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