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  • Professional Nursing Services
  • Professional Nursing Services
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  • Professional Nursing Services
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About Us

Professional Nursing Service, founded in 1975, was one of the first companies to provide traveling nurses to healthcare facilities on a temporary basis. This service was so successful that not only were traveling nurses contacting PNS, but healthcare facilities began to seek us for contracts.

Today, Professional Nursing Service remains a successful company and is expanding as a leader in the travel nurse staffing industry. Though we specialize in placing travel nurses and other allied health professionals, it is not beyond our scope to arrange for permanent placements as well. We have a wide range of clients in exciting nationwide locations which include the Virgin Islands.

Our qualified staff at Professional Nursing Service has more than 75 years combined experience in the healthcare industry. Please contact us so we may answer your questions, accept your comments, and provide for your needs.

Mission Statement

Our work must be to develop a climate of openness and trust among our associates by demonstrating respect for human dignity in every circumstance. To be supportive in our relationships and promote teamwork by involving the individual in the management of their own work and to promote free expression of ideas and opinions.

Assignments in the U.S. Virgin Islands!
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Bonuses on Select Assignments
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